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PT Asia Citra Pratama (ACP) started operations in October 2010. For me and the team, this opportunity has been an honor - a chance to tontinue the hard work of our parents, seniors and those who have passed their textile know-how on to us.

As the successor generation, our vision is to build ACP as the best, most reputable producer of home textiles in Indonesia. The home is the soul, the source energy, for every individual. We want to provide comfort for our customers through innovative, high-quality products with attractive designs. The rapid growth of Indonesia's middle class creates a great opportunity for us. We are starting to enter international market as well.

ACP is now entering a new era in the textile business. To face this challenge, we have modernized our production facilities by purchasing European 3.2-meter wide machineries. The digital technology that it uses helps to minimize human error. These machineries also have high productivity, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. Given these advantages, we can offer high-quality products at better prices and with more flexible production times, and at the same time make a positive contribution to the earth.

We recognize that human resources are valuable asset and partner for ACP. For that reason, we are making continuous improvements in all areas of our business to enhance our professionalism. A competent creative team, marketing staff and production department are all essential to serve our dynamic market.

The road we face ahead is full of challenges. But for those of us in business, facing challenges is part of our DNA. We believe that by developing ACP's main competencies, focusing on our customers interest, and thinking out of the box we can change these challenges into opportunities and create greater value for our customers. We will learn from and enjoy every stage of our long journey. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.

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