PT Asia Citra Pratama (ACP) is located in a green industrial zone - Suryacipta City of Industry, in Karawang, West Java.

ACP choose this location because it is in line with the company's commitment to preserve the environment.
With high-quality machinery from Europe, ACP is able to fulfill orders for quality home textiles. ACP is also supported by an experienced garment division to serve requests fro finish products.

Technology: Efficient & Energy Saving
For its production system, ACP has chosen European technology know for high productivity, user friendliness, and responsible / friendly to the environment. By using this state-of-the-art technology, we can reduce the use of water and electricity.

Healty Work Environment and Work Safety
ACP has built a safe, healthy work environment. Employees are required to follow the company's safety regulations, such as by wearing personal protective equipment.

Natural Gas Energy
As its energy source, ACP uses Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Compared with other forms of energy, CNG is friendly to the environment, as it reduces air pollution.
The combustion of CNG does not create any hazardous or toxic wastes.

Waste Water Processing
ACP has built covered and exposed liquid waste drains.
These drains lead to ACP's special waste water processing facility. In the process, the liquid and solid wastes are separated. Next, the solid waste is transported to a licensed temporary waste storage facility. The liquid waste must first comply with the industrial zone's quality standars before it is allowed to flow to the industrial collective storage facility for further processing to ensure it is truly safe for humans and the environment.

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